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Top reasons to choose SEDICOM

The importance of the experience to be competitive

"Our solutions support customers in evaluating their ideas which appear observable and measurable, as if they were already implemented, therefore helping them to make proper decisions".

SEDICOM boasts more than 25 years of experience in designing, optimizing and managing wireless telecommunication networks, as well as 15 years of experience in environmental protection, ensuring accuracy in measuring electric and magnetic field intensities generated by radio frequency systems and high-voltage lines. Thanks to a qualified group of experts, SEDICOM provides advanced and customized solutions for competitive prices. These solutions allow to optimize insiders' timing and modes of operating. SEDICOM is a well-established company which offers its customers full support and cooperation, devoting a considerable amount of time to meet their needs.
SEDICOM offers advanced and customized solutions in support of:

  • Fixed and mobile telephony operators.
  • Radio and Television Broadcasting operators.
  • Regulatory bodies for radio spectrum management.
  • Radio equipment manufacturers.
  • Antenna manufacturers.
  • Electricity distribution companies.
  • Regulatory authorities ensuring compliance with CEI rules on environmental impact of magnetic field levels, in the ELF frequency range, generated by high voltage lines.
  • Regulatory authorities ensuring compliance with CEI rules on environmental impact of magnetic field levels, generated by radio frequency systems.
  • Suppliers of sensors measuring field levels.
  • Service companies.

"Our strength and our passion for the work we do":
  • Broad experience (more than 25 years) in territorial planning, telecommunications and environmental impact assessment of radio systems for TLC and ELF.
  • Continual improvement services.
  • Effective on-site and remote customer support.
  • Detailed database of the Italian territory (elevation of buildings for more than 300 municipalities) as well as an international database.
  • Ability to quickly adapt its products in order to meet specific customer needs.
  • Availability of a service center operating quickly and at different levels of detail, thanks to the flexibility of our simulation tools and our available extensive territorial database.
  • Comprehensive know-how of radio planning industry not limited to radio-electrical aspects (definition of geodetic elements, assessment of the accuracy and precision of territorial models, selection and creation of a model being commensurate to the actual needs of planning, geo-referencing of sites, correction of site positioning, data base migration, data processing and loading, etc.).
  • Cooperation with technology partners.