WinRPT Suite from Sedicom is based on an interactive environment for designing, analyzing and assessing simple and complex radio electrical systems. The solid modeling environment on which this suite is based allows to fully analyze coverage as well as optical and radio electrical visibility, that are required to predict signal level and assess service quality offered by a wireless network, as well as to plan, develop and optimize it.

WinRPT Suite through its software modules supports:

  • Fixed and Mobile Telephony Operators
  • Radio/TV Broadcasting Operators
  • Data Network Operators
  • Satellite Services Operators
  • Regulatory Authorities for Frequency Management
  • Manufacturers of radio equipments and antennas
  • Service companies

WinRPT Suite supports developers in:

  • Analyzing optimal locations for TX/RX stations according to optical and radio-electric visibility, based on coverage parameters for a specific area (surface %; population %);
  • Calculating the minimum height of antennas in order to get a given radio-electric visibility while minimizing costs, reflections to the ground and interference;
  • Studying different technologies; the performance of different technologies can be analyzed and compared;
  • Simulating signal coverage and quality of service provided;
  • Analyzing the interference situation in different scenarios (one-to-many, many-to-many, infra-technology, auto interference);
  • Optimizing spectrum use;
  • Automatically assign frequencies and polarization to Point-to-Point networks links, according to several quality and interference objectives;
  • Optimizing signal synchronization for digital networks;
  • Storing field measurements, BER, MER, etc. and comparing them with each other as well as with simulated values;
  • Generating reports according to different sizes and types to better describe the work that has been carried out;
  • Analyzing and comparing coverage generated according to different criteria;
  • Analyzing topology of complex Point-to-Point networks;
  • Retrieving data from the Radio Data Base, via web browser;
  • Performing statistical analysis on networks and contents of the Radio Data Base;
  • Assess the environmental impact of a radio station;
  • And much more...

WinRPT Suite has a basic core allowing to perform several general-purpose functions as well as to manage territorial data.