Environmental Impact Assessment Tool

Sedicom's WinEDT Suite is based on an interactive environment intended to land management, analysis and verification of radio-electric fields generated by transmitters and low frequency electromagnetic fields produced by electrical distribution lines.
The solid modeling environment on which the suite is based allows to flexibly and quickly assess the alleged environmental impact by indicating the level of intensity of the produced field, inherently managing three-dimensional, real information, using activable pre-defined levels (representation of the elevation model, administrative boundaries, toponymy, etc.).
The WinEDT Suite allows to enhance the information content managing geo-referenced raster data (orthophotos, thematic maps), vector data (shapefile, kml, polylines, fix points, etc.).

WinEDT Suite together with its software modules can support:

  • Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land
  • Regional/Provincial Agencies (Arpa/Appa)
  • Engineering companies or similar organizations involved in developing studies and opinions on environmental impact
  • Agencies which design and develop web sites for radio communications
  • Agencies which design and develop power lines and underground cables
  • Electricity transmission and distribution companies
  • Fixed and mobile telephony operators
  • Radio/TV broadcasting operators
  • Data networks operators
  • Service companies

WinEDT Suite can support developers to:

  • Manage and store data on electricity distribution lines, as well as on different types of radio transmitters;
  • Calculate e.m. fields of transmitters in near and far radiative fields, as well as magnetic induction generated by one or more high-voltage lines;
  • Create guard zones for power lines;
  • Bring into conformity radio installations according to DPCM 8//2003;
  • Export network elements and field values in different formats: vector (.shp), Google Earth (.kml) and as geo-referenced (.bmw) image (.bmp).
  • Generate reports according to different formats and types to better describe the work that has been performed;
  • And much more...

WinEDT Suite has a basic core allowing to perform several general-purpose functions, as well as to manage territorial data.

WinEDT Suite is a modular solution allowing customers to choose only those modules meeting their actual needs.
The main modules are TECH modules allowing impact assessment in different environments.

Other applications are available outside WinEDT Suite, complementing those tools used by designers to perform their activities and share relevant results. In particular, APR allows to recognize antenna diagrams from a Bitmap to be imported into SEDICOM software.