WinCEM is a specific software to develop territorial models, and particularly to produce matrix images, DEM and clutter in the proprietary format of SEDICOM products.

WinCEM is designed to operate both on individual files and on complex data, e.g. matrix structures in sheets. The batch mode is ideal to create conversion projects when many data are entered.

WinCEM allows to produce images from a list of matrix layers in order of priority. The value resulting from each layer is calculated using simple interpolation (best neighbor) or bilinear interpolation, for every pixel. It also includes some functions to optimize covering area, pixel pitch and mosaicking to be assigned.

In order to develop matrix clutters WinCEM uses criteria similar to those established to create images. It also features a specific function to merge the source clutter coding.

In order to generate DEMs WinCEM can use matrix data and vector data. The composition of the final mosaicked matrix is substantially the same used for images and clutters. Moreover, for the value to be assigned to each pixel (minimum component addressed by the matrix) different operators can be used in order to compose layers (Fill null, Add, Subtract, Differences)

WinCEM is available in 3 versions (Basic, Professional and Premium), so, depending on the version, it supports different input formats.