Access information on your network from anywhere

RPT Webviewer is an external Web application for WinRPT Suite which allows to query and analyze the WinRPT Radio Data Base (RDB), containing all the data related to networks and relevant catalogs, via any web browser over IP network (Intranet, Extranet, Internet).

RPT Webviewer provides some user-friendly tools to query the RDB database, without the need of having a WinRPT client and knowing how it works.

RPT Webviewer allows to query the database using search filters, generate reports, represent geo-coded results on OpenStreetMaps, perform statistical analysis and display relevant graphs (pie charts, histograms, line graphs, etc.).

RPT Webviewer resides in a Web server that should be accessible from the IP network connecting users interested in using it.
The client does not require any installation or configuration to access the RPT Webviewer application, users only need the address to be accessed and a valid account (user-id and password).