Vicrem is the multi-user software solution to simulate and analyze e.m. fields of transmitters in near and far radiative fields; such transmitters can also be inhomogeneous among them, (e.g.: composite transmitters for broadcasting).

Vicrem is an ideal tool for analysis and assessment. It is currently used by most of the regional and provincial environmental protection agencies (ARPA, APPA) in TLC industry, as well as in engineering studies for the environmental impact analysis.

Through the GIS engine, common to all TECH modules contained in the WinEDT suite, it simulates all the features of transmitters, directly based on an integrated territorial environment, 3D rural models, as well as urban and mixed ones, with operator-defined resolution.

Vicrem can perform calculations either by sets of points, specifying the contribution of each transmitter, or by area (on the elevation model, on vertical and horizontal planes, for 3D prisms).
Documentation required to prepare technical reports can be semi-automatically created in Excel format.

Vicrem allows an efficient management of transmitters storing their features in geo-referenced databases, whose databank can be easily updated.