Satellite (TECH Module)

Satellite is a TECH module in the WinRPT suite allowing to represent the satellite network, starting from the creation of all the individual components grouped in a hierarchical set of suitably connected elements.
Such components are listed in a series of tabs and links are represented by a tree structure made of nodes where each component type has a different icon, allowing its immediate recognition.

A satellite network is a set of locations (stations) intended as a connection of one or more plants that may have an antenna configuration in addition to one or more blocks of equipments. Services and smartcards are associated to each equipment.

Satellite allows to split the creation of the network in two steps, separating the creation of a structure featuring templates of all the components from the data entry of unique and specific data relevant to each of them (connection data).
In order to allow the counting statistics to operate on consolidated data via the web interface, it is sufficient to complete the first step.
Satellite allows to analyze the interference among satellite Earth stations and the radio network as well as to calculate the spatial link budget.

Satellite takes full advantage of the potentials offered by the WinRPT Suite: from the use of territorial data, even high resolution territorial data for urban environments, to the access to multi-user centralized data, as well as to the management of user profiles and generation of advanced reports.