Point-to-MultiPoint (TECH Module)

Point-to-MultiPoint (P2MP) is a TECH module in the WinRPT Suite designed to manage backhaul radio networks. PtoMP allows to design and identify the optimal solution for a radio access network, assessing its link budget, analyzing the quality of its links and calculating generated and suffered interferences with respect to the PtoMP sites belonging to the same network or to different networks.

PtoMP supports designers throughout the planning phase, by means of manual or automatic tools, starting from the first step: identifying MASTER sites required for connecting CPE according to geographical, radio and capacity criteria.

PtoMP allows to combine (parenting) MASTER and CPE sites, both in auto and manual modes, on the basis of a number of criteria defined by designers to get to the analysis of each individual MASTER-CPE. PtoMP also allows to identify the number of sectors required for each MASTER site and the number of layers needed for each sector.

PtoMP takes full advantage of the potentials offered by the WinRPT Suite: from the use of territorial data, even high resolution territorial data for urban environments, to the access to multi-user centralized data, as well as to the management of user profiles and generation of advanced reports.