Microwave (TECH Module)

Microwave is the multi-user software solution to manage and design individual links or complex Point-to-Point radio networks. Through the GIS engine, common to all TECH modules contained in the WinRPT suite, it simulates all the features of a radio network, directly based on an integrated territorial environment, rural 3D models, as well as urban and mixed ones, whose resolution is defined by operators. Thanks to the assessment tools used to calculate link budget, unavailability due to rain and fading as well as interference, WinRPT is a comprehensive software to design radio links.

Microwave is the ideal software solution for operators who require a distributed design environment among multiple workstations in different locations, thanks to its centralized management of the Radio Data Base (1 level or 2 levels) with merging and automatic distribution of data. Moreover, it provides all the tools required to create profiles and users control to the system administrator (profiles, passwords, logs).

Microwave Microwave allows users to create a network ex-novo, starting from research of sites or relevant selection from a list of candidates and getting to the optimization of a network through automatic assignment of frequencies and polarization (network frequency planning, using the additional NFP module) or to the study of changes required to expand network capacity. The interference analysis is extremely comprehensive allowing users to perform checks for individual links (one-to-many), in extended geographical areas (many-to-many), among different technologies (Point-to-Point versus Point-to-Multipoint or satellite links), analyzing in detail, if necessary, every single orographic situation and calculating NFD and threshold degradation.

Microwave can provide assistance to the designer directly during the deployment of field activities (e.g.: by interfacing GPS receivers or measuring instruments), and becomes a crucial tool in selecting a technology to be used in order to achieve the best network performances. Every task is performed according to the latest ITU regulations using several utility tools which allow to carry out various activities, e.g. easy data import / export in different formats (txt, xls, kml, xml, mif, dxf, ...), report generation that can be customized when necessary, monitoring project progress and data integrity.