(ADDITIONAL module for: Broadcasting)

MEA is an essential tool to create, manage and display a "historical" database of measures relating to the various broadcasting technologies within the WinRPT - Broadcasting product.

To ensure compatibility with all the measuring instruments, users should perform a one-off establishment of correspondences between fields in the measuring instrument file and fields provided in the import interface.

In line with reality, measurement sites can be both fixed and mobile stations.

Once measures have been imported within the "historical" database, they can be collected and stored by region, province, municipality, channel, date, measurement campaign, etc.

Significant fields describing measured data include: pointing location, region, province, municipality, coordinates for measurements, date, polarization, BER, MER, echo power and delay. Measured points can be retrieved from the database and filtered according to various search criteria.

Search results can be displayed on a map. For each point of measurement the most significant data can be graphically represented, including BER, MER, QSA and field levels, with different color scales and information.

Main advantages of the "historical" database of measures include the ability to compare simulated values and measured values, in the same operating environment, in order to ensure tuning of model and optimization of predictions.