• High reliability thanks to approximately 20 years' experience in assessing environmental impact;
  • Proven experience confirmed by the use of Sedicom's products by operators, as well as by institutional bodies and control agencies;
  • Continuous updates guaranteed by a ceaseless technological growth of previously acquired products through an upgrade policy, included in our purchase or lease conditions;
  • Reduced working time, inter alia thanks to the ability to store and reproduce already performed simulations, reproducing them as necessary, without additional work.
  • Reduction in workload thanks to a consistent and intuitive interface, the ability to massively import power lines and the automatic generation of components, such as graphs and reports, needed to prepare technical reports;
  • Multiuser;
  • Analysis environment also distributed with local data server;
  • Modes: stand-alone; client-server;
  • Operator-definable reports.