ELF (TECH Module)

ELF is a multiuser software solution to calculate magnetic induction fields generated by one or more high-voltage lines.
Through the GIS engine, common to all TECH modules contained in the TECH WinEDT Suite, it simulates all the features of power lines, directly based on an integrated territorial environment, rural 3D models, as well as urban and mixed ones, whose resolution is defined by operators.

ELF can represent calculations directly on an orographic model, as well as along vertical and horizontal planes, or on 3D spatial areas.
Documentation required to prepare technical reports can be semi-automatically created in Excel format. Moreover, 3D isolines can be directly exported in shapefile format.

ELF is an ideal solution as a tool for analysis and verification. It is currently used by most regional and provincial agencies for environmental protection (ARPA, APPA), Terna, that is a leading distribution network operator, RFI, that is the domestic rail infrastructure manager, Italferr engineering company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, as well as by many other institutional clients such as Province of Rome and Province of Viterbo, and private customers.

ELF allows an efficient management of networks using information relevant the concerned line (supports, conductors, spans, managers) stored in a MS Access Database or in an Oracle Database.
There are several features to meet the requirements of the current regulation, such as calculation of the DPA and guard zones at crossings, parallelisms and deviations.

Thanks to the support received by University of L'Aquila, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, a validation technical report has been prepared (Original document (PDF)) by comparison with results from other experimental measurements and calculations obtained using another simulation program.