In order to obtain accurate simulations, high-quality territorial data are needed

From the beginning, Sedicom's products have been designed to take full advantage of features shown by high-quality territorial models.
However, sophisticated simulation models could not give expected results if territorial models used do not feature adequate precision and accuracy. For this reason, Sedicom's products include some measures aimed at preserving benefits obtained using such data and offer several functions to develop and assess the same.

The choice of type, resolution, and accuracy of territorial data composing the operating scenario is critical, depending on technology to be simulated and results to be achieved.

Sedicom's products can manage all types of known data (DTM, DSM, DEM, land use clutter, population clutter, raster and vector cartography), meeting the 30 cm minimum resolution requirement, with unlimited extension of the area of interest: there are only physical limitations concerning the workstation.

Digital Elevation Models

  • Rural models: ground elevation (DTM);
  • Urban models: ground elevation more surface elevation (DSM).

Matrix data

  • Land use clutter in different classes and resolutions;
  • Population density clutter in various resolutions;
  • High-resolution building clutter (the building clutter should be used together with the area DTM with uniform resolution).

Raster cartography

Raster cartography with contents in different scales and resolutions (dpi).

Vector data

Shapefiles are particularly important among the various formats used with Sedicom's products. Shapefiles contain graphic information as well as additional data that can be managed by Sedicom's tools, using display filters.

  • Administrative boundaries at various levels;
  • Road conditions;
  • Hydrography;
  • Populated locations;
  • Airport areas;
  • Etc.

For urban areas in major Italian cities the following items are available:

  • Road borders;
  • Hydrography and green spaces;
  • Railroads;
  • Road graph;
  • Toponymy;
  • House numbers.