Coverage BWA (TECH Module)

Coverage BWA is the TECH module in the WinRPT suite allowing to simulate radio covers for radio access systems on the territory in any scenario (urban, rural or mixed). Such radio access systems can be based on technologies ranging from the most recent ones such as LTE, WiFi, Hiperlan,WiMAX, to the most consolidated ones such as LDMS and WLL operating at frequencies between 26GHz and 28 GHz. Moreover, Coverage BWA allows to manage PMR (Private Mobile Radio), Tetra, DMR, DMR synchronous, digital trunking and conventional technologies.

Coverage BWA helps the designer to calculate the best and second servers, carrier-to-interference ratio (C/I), fading margin, received power and any uplink and downlink interference, outage and location probability.

Coverage BWA can be used by the designer to simulate any technology using the standard form tools of this module, allowing to characterize both the transmitter stations and the terminal stations (CPE) and choosing the most appropriate propagation model. For a more careful planning which corresponds to the chosen technology, the use of specific DLLs containing a detailed description of the selected technological profile can be integrated. Some of the available DLLs are: IEEE 802.16e (WiMAX), 3GPP LTE Rev.9 (Lte), WiFi, Hiperlan, Tetra/Teds, 169 MHz, OFDM (PHY layer).

Coverage BWA allows the designer to operate in two different modes:

  • Integrated analysis: a simulator processes all the selected transmitters, generating and storing a single coverage that integrates the contributions of all of them;
  • Array analysis; a simulator processes and stores the coverage of each transmitter; such coverages can be combined among them only at a later time. This allows maximum flexibility in analyzing and optimizing the access network.

In addition to the basic reporting, through the additional ARM (Advanced Report Maker) module, users can generate highly advanced output such as the "matrix of values" reporting in alphanumeric format every single value associated with a graphical representation of the coverage. Among the reports there is also a calculation of the area and population covered by the signal.

Coverage BWA takes full advantage of the potentials offered by the WinRPT Suite: from the use of territorial data, even high resolution territorial data for urban environments, to the access to multi-user centralized data, as well as to the management of user profiles and generation of advanced reports.