The easiest way to obtain VALUES from IMAGES

APR is a software application external to the WinRPT Suite, able to recognize antenna diagrams from a Bitmap and deliver the corresponding numerical values in text format.

Antenna manufacturers often provide technical specifications relevant to antennas attaching the corresponding diagrams only in graphical mode.

Radiation diagrams acquired by APR are immediately available for:

  • Importing WinRTP software modules;
  • Storing in WinRTP Radio Data Base (RDB).

APR supports import of:

  • Cartesian diagrams
  • Polar diagrams

APR performs a graphical recognition through an automated procedure mainly linked to the quality of original images. The processing speed of an image depends on the quality of the same.

APR enables different methods to obtain numerical values:

  • direct recognition of the color of an antenna diagram and translation of graphical information in values of loss/gain corresponding to the azimuth and zenith angles;
  • identification of the diagram interpreting color transitions when images look blurry;
  • manual drawing of a broken line using imported background images as a reference, entering individual values while the program interpolates the remaining ones.

APR features a powerful graphical tool to improve original image quality.

Download Antenna Pattern Recognizer

You can download APR and start to use this tool to convert images of antenna diagrams to numeric values.
Register on our website to download your license APR, it is a free version.
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By downloading the APR software, its conditions of use are implicitly accepted. The downloaded file is a compressed archive file that requires no installation.