Access Network Dimensioning
(ADDITIONAL module for: Coverage BWA)

AND (Access Network Dimensioning) is an ADDITIONAL module to the WinRPT Suite which allows to perform an initial sizing analysis in terms of sites and equipments for a radio access network (WiMAX, Lte, Hiperlan, WiFi, Tetra/Teds, etc.).

AND supports network operators and industry professionals in designing networks, minimizing time and costs of relevant implementation.

AND allows to define the number of sites, areas and layers, as well as the optimal location of BTSs able to meet coverage and capacity parameters, as required for an area of interest.

AND has a "wizard" interface (a sequence of "dialog boxes") through which users are led along the various steps required to complete the operation:

  • set up
  • automatic positioning of sites
  • coverage analysis
  • combined analysis of coverage and capacity
  • results generation

For a given area of interest, designers can:

  • define number of sites
  • decide optimal location of BTSs
  • analyze coverage parameters
  • analyze transmission capacity
    • AND allows to perform sizing analyses thanks to the WinRPT's GIS engine, using the following territorial data: land elevation and/or elevation of buildings (DTM, DSM), land use clutter, population clutter. AND operates both in rural and urban environments, as well as in mixed ones.