Working properly, supported by our experience

For more than 25 years Sedicom has been studying and developing new software solutions based on territorial analysis, aiming at examining propagation of electromagnetic fields, and more. Specifically, Sedicom develops systems to design, manage and optimize radio networks for telecommunications (WinRPT Suite), as well as to simulate environmental impact of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) (WinEDT Suite).

WinRPT Suite assists designers of radio networks as well as regulatory agencies in planning, managing and optimizing (Point-to-Point) microwave and backhauling transport networks, as well as radio/TV broadcasting networks, both analog ones (PAL, SECAM, NTSC, FM) and MFN and SFN digital ones (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-H, ISDB-T, ISDB-Tb, DAB, DAB+); in simulating coverage, interference (C/I) and quality for broadband wireless access (BWA) systems (Lte, WiMAX, Hiperlan, Tetra/Teds, WiFi, LDMS, WLL, PMR, DMR) and 169 MHz for automatic meter reading or management of satellite ground stations and test of relevant compatibility with terrestrial Point-to-Point network.

Both product suites are based on an extremely effective kernel for the management of all information pertaining to the solid territorial model, allowing to manage all the main types of territorial data: matrix data (Digital Terrain Model - DTM, Digital Surface Model - DSM, Digital Elevation Model - DEM, land use clutter, population clutter, raster cartography and vector cartography (shapefile) from different sources (traditional cartography, aerial photographs, satellite images, etc.).

The deep understanding acquired by Sedicom in geodesic issues has led to develop an extremely sophisticated and specific product to process and transform spatial data, called WinCEM.

WinCEM is used by Sedicom's technicians to process terrestrial models made available along with the products and is now increasingly requested by our customers wishing to take full advantage of the increasing availability of territorial data on the market.

Now, Sedicom has an extremely varied territorial database to cover the entire globe. Most models are available for free download directly from our website, as a part of services provided to our customers.

During its long experience, Sedicom has also developed applications in different fields, such as managing live-TV coverage of events on the move for competitions on the road, or radio link vans and outside broadcasting vans for television networks.