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  • CASE1: DVB-T2 on a national scale
    Task: Our Customer needed to design a network in order to submit an offer in response to a call for tenders.
    Solution: WinRPT-Broadcasting TECH module allowed our Customer to create a DVB-T2 network ex-novo, allowing WinRPT to choose the best position for locations, in order to obtain a better coverage of the area of interest and maximize the population to be served.
    Type of customer: National Broadcasting Operator
  • CASE2: Switching from analog to digital TV technology
    Task: Our Customer needed to switch from analog to digital technology and maintain the same performance as the current analogue network in terms of coverage.
    Solution: WinRPT-Broadcasting TECH module calculated the coverage of the current analog TV network and simulated its coverage planned in DVB-T. Our Customer studied that network to identify areas where additional sites could be useful (temporarily filled with gap-fillers) and areas where old transmitters had to be turned off.
    Type of customer: National-Regional Broadcasting Operator
  • CASE 3: Increasing and optimizing DVB-T coverage
    Task: Enlarging and optimizing the coverage area.
    Solution: WinRPT-Broadcasting TECH module allowed our Customer to optimize his network, according to specific features: knowing all signal contributions in the critical area, our Customer was able to move interferences to negligible areas. On the basis of a satisfactory percentage of covered area / population target, this software calculated the best values for the delay times to be assigned to each transmitter.
    General and customized training courses were held by SEDICOM.
    Type of customer: National and Regional Broadcasting Operators
  • CASE 4: ISDB-T licences and services on a national scale
    Task: Our Customer had to plan a new ISDB-T network in order to comply with government requirements.
    Solution: Thanks to WinRPT-Broadcasting TECH module, SEDICOM created an ISDB-T network ex-novo, according to our Customer's requirements. SEDICOM decided the best location to place transmitters, according to our Customer's needs. SEDICOM operated in accordance with parameters set by our Customer, concerning antenna types, relevant radiation diagrams and transmission power. SEDICOM developed a regional territorial model within a real world environment. SEDICOM designed the broadcasting network and resulting coverage maps which have been analyzed using both its tool and Google Earth.
    Type of Customer: National Company in South America.
  • CASE 5: Coordinating frequencies at national level
    Task: Our Customer needed to manage frequency channelling of Point-to-Point links in all the Italian networks.
    Solution: WinRPT Point to Point TECH module has been acquired by our Customer to manage the coordination of frequencies. Licences were issued on national territory and connected to the central server through the LAN/WAN. Our Customer has entered all microwave links of every Italian telecommunications operator into the database. First, our Customer has calculated interferences, then has scanned and coordinated frequencies.
    Client-Server installations (including Oracle) with on-site and remote assistance, upgrading, maintenance, customization and training have been provided by SEDICOM.
    Type of Customer: National telecommunication agency
  • CASE 6: DVB-T International Coordination
    Task: Our Customer needed to assign frequencies to each Operator of National and Regional Broadcasting in order to monitor and manage frequency channeling among neighboring countries, during and after the switch-off.
    Solution: WinRPT-Broadcasting TECH module allowed Our Customer to include all the broadcasting networks in one database, as well as to perform further calculations of interference, coordination and frequency assignment.
    Type of Customer: National telecommunication agency
  • CASE 7: Management of a microwave network
    Task: Planning and optimizing a national network
    Solution: WinRPT Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point TECH modules have been purchased by our Customer to design and manage national microwave and backhaul networks (26/28 GHz). All the project implementation phases have been followed by SEDICOM, which is still providing upgrading, maintenance, on-line support and training for new releases. The ability to carefully analyze interferences is considered to be a key feature. Licenses have been issued for the national territory and have been connected via LAN/WAN to the central server. Some licenses have been installed on laptops, operating both in standalone mode and on LAN network.
    Type of Customer: National telecommunication network operator
  • CASE 8: Data synchronization
    Task: Our Customer needed to synchronize data from different databases scattered throughout the territory.
    Solution: The automatic MERGING function of WinRPT ensures data synchronization when users switch to the operation mode. WinRPT has been used to calculate the estimated environmental impact, with the REMFE (Radio Electro Magnetic Field Evaluator) embedded software module. Generated reports meet the requirements issued by Agencies for Environmental Protection and Prevention (ARPA). All the implementation steps of this project have been performed by SEDICOM, which is still providing upgrading, maintenance, on-line support and training services. WinRPT automatically generates reports that are compatible with information formats specified by national regulatory authorities.
    Type of Customer: National telecommunication network operator
  • CASE 9: Access to public and private video surveillance networks
    Task: Planning and designing a video surveillance network. Designing public and private access networks (WiFi technology), as well as public and private transport networks.
    Solution: Our Customer has purchased Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point and BWA Coverage TECH modules to plan and administer a video surveillance network, as well as to manage network access in an urban environment including 3D buildings. Wireless network design solutions play a key role in assessing, planning and developing new networks. Our Customer has provided network access, planning and dimensioning the network, so as to obtain an optimized network access, using wireless communication technologies.
    Type of Customer: Services company