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Sedicom Overview

Keep pace with technology

SEDICOM is an Italian company which boasts more than 25 years of experience in production and distribution of software solutions, based on 3-dimensional modelling of the territory, for analysis and design of technological networks. Inter alia, in telecom industry, SEDICOM has developed advanced solutions for transport, access and broadcast networks, all of which based on network data integration with a 3-dimensional territorial model that simulates the operational scenario using both quantitative content (DTM, DSM, DEM, CLUTTER) and qualitative content (raster cartography).
In 1999, the Council of the European Union adopted a set of rules called "Recommendations" about the limitation of exposure for the general public to electromagnetic fields encompassing the frequency range of 0 Hz to 300 GHz.
On that occasion, SEDICOM was ready to offer specific software modules, in support of regulatory agencies for environmental protection, TLC operators and electricity distributors. To date, most of the ARPAs and APPAs (Agenzie Regionali per la Protezione Ambientale and Agenzie Provinciali per la Protezione Ambientale - Regional and Provincial Agencies for Environmental Protection) being the Italian controlling and authorizing agencies for environmental protection, rely on SEDICOM and its prediction software modules to monitor levels of electromagnetic fields generated by network devices both at low and high frequencies, according to the current regulations, i.e. CEI (Italian Electro-technical Committee) regulation for Italy.
Thanks to a highly qualified and dynamic staff, all SEDICOM products are internally developed. This peculiarity guarantees the highest possible level of control on the quality of released products, as well as the utmost flexibility of intervention for the development of customized vertical solutions that may be required by customers.
Technological growth of our products is guaranteed not only by a continuous analysis of the market and its trends, but also by an active participation in international conferences as well as by a strong collaboration with research institutes such as Universities.
Although SEDICOM's activity is primarily centered around development and commercialization of its products based on market needs, in any case our main aims are attention to specific requirements of each customer and therefore their relevant satisfaction.
SEDICOM's offering is complemented by a broad package of services encompassing after-sales service (installation, training courses, training sessions, customer service and expert support) for its products, provision of customized services such as network planning or comparison of different technologies.


SEDICOM's main areas of activities are:

  • Territorial analysis using geodetic instruments.
  • Configuration, design and optimization of Point-to-Point (microwave) and Point-to-Multi-point (backhauling) transport radio networks.
  • Configuration, design and optimization of radio and television broadcasting networks, both analogical (PAL/SECAM/NTSC, FM, AM/MW) and digital (DVB-T/T2/H/T2Light, ISDB-T/T2, DAB/DAB+, DRM).
  • Configuration, design and optimization of access radio network, focusing on next-generation technologies: Lte, WiMAX, WiFi, TETRA/TEDS, PMR/DMR, 169 MHz.
  • Environmental impact assessment of electrical networks (ELF).
  • Environmental impact assessment of radio frequency devices.
  • Management of moving vehicles (GPS) and location-based services (LBS).
  • Development of geodetic applications.
  • Planning and development of complex relational databases with geo-coded items.
  • Development of vertical software applications on different platforms.
  • Development of applications based on WEB-GIS and platforms to access databases via the Web platform.

Code of Conduct

Ethics has been and always will be one of the basic principles of SEDICOM in achieving its objectives. A professional attitude aimed at respecting the needs of customers within a fair market competition is a hallmark of our company and, as a consequence, a distinguishing feature of all our staff. A proper behavior is the only way to achieve important goals, earning the respect and esteem of every person and every company that we are lucky enough to meet along our way.