Let's display WinRPT prediction coverage maps in RPT-Webviewer

RPT-Webviewer, the external Web application implemented by Sedicom for visualization and analysis of radio network recorded in the WinRPT Radio Data Base (RDB), now has a new feature that allows the display on the map of the coverage studies associated to a radio / TV system.

If you have a valid account (user-id and password), RPT Webviewer allows via any web browser to query the RDB - WinRPT database - to search, display and analyze all the data related to the recorded networks.

In addition, through RPT-Webviewer and then from anywhere you have an Internet connection, you can now display radio / TV coverage maps previously simulated and made "public" by an administrator user.

Once the antenna system of your interest is selected,

it will be possible to access to its detailed data as well as display H and V diagrams for different elevation and azimuth values.

At this point you can display the simulated prediction maps for the selected system that have been published.

This and many other features already existing in RPT-Webviewer are accessible via any web browser from anywhere, regardless of the presence of the WinRPT client.

Info: info@sedicomtech.it or product's page