In view of the self-evident growth in the demand for mobile broadband connections as well as considering the number of smartphone sold, nowadays operators need to know the extent to which their transport and backhaul networks are suitable to carry the growing traffic, especially in metropolitan areas.

The answer is very rarely immediate, especially due to the fact that existing networks, designed for much less performing technologies, then have often evolved unevenly and disorderly.

This question can be answered by the Capacity Analysis module, contained in Sedicom's WinRTP Suite.

Actually, the module goes beyond this first step of analysis.

In fact, this tool highlights the different levels of criticality arising while capacity grows, and examines possible actions that can be put in place to deal with such challenges.

The selection is done automatically from a set of operations initially defined as "possible" by the designer.

WinRTP Suite, which includes the Capacity Analysis module, is offered as a crucial tool for analysis and optimization, in order to support radio network planning and roll out process.

Even if such analyses are usually complex processes to be performed, this tool has been designed to simplify the designer's task as much as possible.

Preliminary phase

The tool provides a set of solutions developed to support the designer in identifying the portion of the radio network (cluster) to be analyzed, in order to calculate its initial values and assign voice and data services such as (HSPA / HSPA +, LTE).

Calculation phase

Once users have established a series of parameters, among which the maximum value and the incremental step to increase capacity from an initial state, the tool starts the automatic calculation step. This operation, in its turn, is divided into 3 or 4 sub-steps depending on the type of analysis which has been set up (with or without interference verification/unavailability of the new proposed scenario).

At each incremental step, the following operations will be carried out: calculation processing, identification of critical links, and implementation of appropriate countermeasures, wherever applicable.

Leaving every incremental step, the tool will mark as 'critical' all those links which do not meet the required conditions and for which no countermeasure has been identified, verifying that the maximum number of critical issues imposed as a limit by the designer has not been reached.

Finally, the whole complex process of calculation as well as actions identified by the system are summarized in a detailed report.

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